08 March 2007

Why I haven't mentioned the new house


Easy. Our homebuilder sucks. OK - don't know if the company itself sucks - but the actual people who built the house SUCK.

Please allow the graphical representations as shown below to be submitted as evidence:

Please forgive the more formatting of these photos. I am still not used to this yet.
Anyhow, so as you can tell we had some "concerns" about the framing. (these were taken on Sunday) So we called out a private inspector - at our cost - who came out on Tuesday. He found even more problems.
Our house now has a roof. Woo-friggin-hoo. But they cannot tell how many of the framing problems were fixed prior to the roof going on.
The other thing I have learned in my whole crash course on home building is that when you have a frame - there are these things called "Anchor Bolts" that actually hold the frame to the slab. yeah, our house is missing a hell of a lot of them. They just AREN'T there!! Or, some of them are there, but don't have the nuts that hold the bolt actually attached.
So needless to say, IF we get this house, and the bolt issue isn't fixed, if the Big, Bad Wolf comes along and he Huffs and he Puffs - he will be able to blow our house down.
why I couldn't have won that big-ass lottery I don't know.

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Heather said...

I'd be checking the contract with the builder and getting out of it. There should be some clause in there that says if work does not meet codes or standards of a licensed inspector, the builder is in breech of contract. They may even have to pay for someone to repair what they have done. Make sure it's done right before they get any further.
I feel bad. You just don't need this right now... or ever for that matter.