08 March 2007


OK - I admit it. I watch...

American Idol.

And let me tell you...

I am pissed. Major. Huge. I mean HUGE.

How is he still on?

Seriously. This friggin Votefortheworst.com or whatever the crap that crap site is pisses me off.

And not just because Sundance Head (definite winner of worst name ever) is from the Houston area.

But really....this other kid sucks. Rocks. Donkey you know whats. He sucks.

At least the other chick is gone. G-O-N-E. GONE.

And stay the hell out of our friggin national monuments with your bimbo looking top and your panties. put some damn clothes on. I won't even link to her bimbo looking stuff.

I am pissed. Sorry for the rambling.


Looney Mom said...

Oh tell me about it! I'm so ticked off about that whole thing too. Sundance should have made it to the top 5 at least. This other Michael Jackson wannabe needs to GO!

Thanks for letting me rant. Now you know I watch AI too! And now I'm curious to go see what all the hoopla was with the chick. Going to click now...

Stephanie said...


Okay, actually I LOVED the rant, only I seldom start watching AI until the final 12 and then only when Matthew's not around 'cause he hates it.