07 March 2007

Works for me Wednesday

Only because I am sick and heading to the doctor, I am revisiting a post I did before

Works for me!! And if you wanna see more, visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer


Melrose said...

Hi, Margaret,

I found your blog through a comment you made on Mama Drama about my comment - this blogging world gets convoluted, huh? I figured you must be an incredibly intelligent person since you commented favorably on my story! From your most recent posts, I do believe I'm right - you seem sweet, smart, and really have your head screwed on right, evil sinus infections aside. I work across the hall from the Cancer Diva,about whose blog you also commented. She is one cool chick - doesn't dwell on the cancer, but doesn't shy away from it, always thinking of others, just a joy to be around - miracles do happen sometimes, right? I pray for a miracle for Terri every night.

ChrisB said...

I like the look of the recipe and will be trying it out.