18 March 2007


Mark and I are building a house (I refuse to call it a HOME until we move in).

We have had problems with it. Shortly after those pics were taken, the roof went on and we had an inspector come out. The inspector said overall, it's an "okay" house but there are some serious problems (i.e., lacking a few corner supports, lacking a lot of anchor bolts (what holds the frame to the slab), etc) but overall it's OK.

We gave the inspection report to the builder (we had the inspector come out because the frame was so crappy, in our opinion). The builder rep (nitwit) gave it to the construction super and we all met (me, mark, nitwit, the super and my dad) and the super told us that really we had wasted our money - that he won't even use the report.

He went thru and did his inspeciton of the house and he agreed that a few of the things needed to be fixed.

The inspector is going back out on Monday or Tuesday with Mark (I start my new job tomorrow) and we are going to see what exactly Lennar is going to fix.

In the meantime, a friend who is a realtor is going to start looking for a used house for us.

My parents think we should walk on the new house and buy a pre-owned. His parents think so too, although they aren't as vocal as mine are. My dad finally admitted tonight that he will stop giving advice and just offer it when we ask for it.

I am so torn about this. I cry at the drop of a hat about it. I don't know what to do.

I fear it is starting to affect me and Mark. I know its affecting me.

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ChrisB said...

I'm not surprised you are distressed about this what an awful thing to happen I hope everything turns out OK in the end whatever you decide.