27 March 2007

General Update

We walked on the house. :) Got our earnest money and back. For the record, the company still sucks. Really, they do.

We spent last weekend looking at houses. We fell in "strong like" with one. Not love but a really good, strong like. We are going to put an offer in on it. If we don't get it, we don't get it. That's it.

We are going to go and look at some more this weekend - just in case. I've already seen the pictures online and I really like some of the pictures. These houses could cause some serious lust. But they are out of our planned budget. We could afford them, we just couldn't fix them how we would like to. The house we have the "like" for - has carpet downstairs. We want tile (already priced at Home Depot thank you very much). And did I mention that the "like" house is a two story - but we really wanted a single story? But all in all this house is great. Huge, great layout, large deck out back.... worth dealing with stairs in our minds.

New job (all week and half of it) is doing well. Spent 3 1/2 days last week in training. All day. But its all good stufff.

I am still deeply in love with Mark. We just never realized how stressful this would be. Leave it to us to go through buying a house and a job change for me. We are bickering but quickly realize we are being dumb and start communicating again. He's having to work some on Saturdays so our already limited time together is cut even more.

We are going this weekend (after looking at houses) and taking pictures of us in the bluebonnets which are blooming in full force.

Hope all is well with you all.

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Stephanie said...

Ack!! There are few things more stressful than buying a house or starting a new job. And to be doing both simultaneously!!

Ooo! Sayin' a prayer for you!!