26 March 2007

Another Open Letter to a Sucky Parent

According to dictionary.com - the definition of parking lot is: an area, usually divided into individual spaces, intended for parking motor vehicles.

That means there are CARS there. You know, those giant heavy things that move and can crush you???

On my way home from work I had to stop at the gas station for gas and a car wash. Got the gas and the receipt printer was broken, so off to the inside to get my code.

As I walked across where cars are DRIVING to park to get gas or in the front of the station, I noticed a large mini-van coming through the lot. I looked up and saw 2 young boys (about 8 or 9) come tearing out of the store and ran right by me, a few feet in front of the van. Then I noticed a smaller girl - about 4 or 5 - come tearing after them. I looked back quickly, saw the van and reached out to grab the child. The mini-van slammed on their brakes and the kid screamed. (Keep in mind, when she ran out, she ran out between SUVs so there was no way for the driver to see her)

As I let go of the child, the mom screamed at me "HEY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???"

I didn't feel like saying "preventing your child from getting KILLED" so I said "She was running out in front of the...". She didn't let me stop and yelled "Get your hands off her".

Ok, BITCH, #1, i was no longer holding your child at this time. #2 - You are welcome.

I called my mom, clearly shaken up, and asked her if I had ever done anything like that. She said no. I was not allowed to go into any store alone - or with my brother - until I was old enough to know NOT to run between cars, run at all, nothing. I just didn't do it.

So, to you, stupid rude lady at Exxon in The Woodlands, Screw You. Apparantly I give a damn about your child and you don't.

Why is it that I get put in these situations to be a "mom" without having a child???


Anonymous said...

Yup. Some women can just totally let their kids fend for themselves..then question why they got hurt???
It's amazing.

Well, even if she doesn't know it...you know that you may have saved that child's life.

Heather said...

Further proof that you will make a great Mom someday. I see things like this all the time and it makes me wish I could just raise every child. I feel bad for the kids in these situations.
I wish that woman had known what you did for her and had been grateful or at the very least, thankful. It's no wonder people keep to themselves and don't help or, when necessary, interfere with situations. They are afraid of getting reactions like that woman gave you.
I am glad you had the sense to grab the little girl. That Mom still has her daughter because of you.

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by today and leaving such a sweet comment. I was beginning to wonder if the things I say even matter to anyone but me, so that was really nice to read.
Baking stones are unglazed pottery that, over time, will become seasoned and not need greasing. You don't use soap to wash them so you don't wash out the seasoning, so you just use a plastic scraper thingy and hot water to clean them.

sweatpantsmom said...

That woman should have been kissing your feet in gratitude. Perhaps you should have grabbed her and thrown her in front of the next passing van.

min said...

You did a noble deed. That child has an angel watching over her. You were her angel that day. The mother needs an angel for herself.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm Mindy's friend!!

I was just thinking the same thing, and I was putting it into almost the very same words in my head.

Thank you, Margaret Sally, for being an angel. I thank you on behalf of all moms.