28 February 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I missed last week so I wanted to come up with the best possible WFMW I could...
See within the next 3 months or so, my boyfriend and I will be moving into our new home. We can't wait.

We have discussed everything - planned, strategized, compromised. But what we are having problems with is our dinner time meals. See, I am a fussy eater. He isn't. He likes a lot more stuff than I do. If I could, i'd have steak and potatoes every day. But I am trying to branch out more and more.

I stumbled upon this website for Kraft Foods where you can search for recipes. Plug in what you want (or what you have in the pantry/freezer/fridge) and it will find stuff for you. Best part is, you can save stuff in your recipe box. You can even type in your own personal recipes. Mark and I share a username and password. We've gone in and searched for recipes that we'd like to try and save them to the box. For every five we put in, we get to take one of the other person's out. Best thing about this, I don't have to guess about what he would like if I am going to make him a surprise dinner. I know what he would like to try.

Hope it Works for You like it Works for Me!

For more tips, visit Shannon. Lots of great tips to be found!!


Amy said...

I love the Kraft website. It is great for picky eaters. I don't know if you knew this or not, but they have a magazine too. It is something I look forward to and it is a free publication. I also sign up for their newsletters and they feature recipes in them that I would have never tried.

Hope your meal planning goes a little smoother now ;)

Karen said...

Kraft...not just for mac-n-cheese anymore. Gotta love it! I'll have to try searching the website...I've received the newsletters before, but have never visited the website. Thanks for the share!

Jenny said...

Fabulous idea!

But I'm not finding anything for 2 week old pizza and a 6 pack of coronas.

Guess I'm going out to eat again.

Willowtree said...

There is a couple of sentences that caught my attention, wait, I'll just paste them in here...

If I could, I'd have steak and potatoes every day. But I am trying to branch out more and more.

So I guess my question is: why? Seems to me you already have the perfect diet.