02 March 2007

Baby Fever

Well, in the past 3 days, I have had 3 women bring their children to visit me at work. 2 were newborns and one lady brought her twin 14 month old boys.

Now, I have baby fever.

well, I ALWAYS have baby fever. Always. I want to be a "Mom". A "Mommy". A "Momma". I want that...BAD.

And Mark knows.

So I text messaged him and said there were twin boys up here visiting me.

His response "Do you want twins?"

me: "Well, we'd have our full quota of kids that we want all done and over with at once"

Him: "What if they were ugly? Then we'd end up with TWO ugly kids instead of just one".

Me: "well if they are ugly girls then we don't have to worry about paying for weddings and if they are ugly boys we don't have to worry about them getting girls knocked up"

Him: "And they wouldn't have that 'I am beautiful' attitude"

Me: "Exactly"

Him: "Twins wouldn't be that bad at all".


Seriously - we would never find our children ugly - nor would we have ugly children.

Just sayin' - it's great to see him having conversations like this and not freakin' out.

Oh - and he also said to cure my Baby Fever - take two baby asprins and call him in the morning. HAHAHAH.

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