26 February 2007

Why I hate outsourcing

OK - so I had to order a new laptop. (spilling a small amount of water on it doesn't bode well for it. And the screen occasionally has seizures).

Ordered it last week through my Employee Purchase Program. Got 20% off!! Woo Hoo!!!

Since I am in the midst of possibly (very likely) changing jobs, I didn't want it delivered to work. It would be held hostage.

Came home today and they attempted to deliver it at 4:04 pm. They said they would attempt again tomorrow between 2-5. OK. So I called UPS and asked if that was a fairly firm timeframe. Nope. But I can call Dell and ask them to change the address. Since I know i will still be there tomorrow, I went online to Customer Chat.

Thus, why I hate outsourcing. Someone named Dimple was my rep. Yes. Dimple. His first name was "Dureem" and his last name was "Dimple". But he went by Dimple.

Dimple pissed me off because he couldn't help me and kept apologizing for not being able to help me. Didn't offer me a solution, just said "I'm sorry Margaret but I am unable to help you".

Listen - F'ing Dimple - give me the number to customer service.

Dimple's response - "They can't help you either".

I'm sorry - DIMPLE - Give me the number


Dimple, I WANT the number to Customer Service. The main number.



Called UPS back. They are requesting a delivery after 4. Will leave work a bit early to be home - hopefully.

Normally I would be pissed they didn't offer that to begin with, but I am too pissed at Dimple.


I am not 100% sure that it was an outsourcing issue - but from my past experiences with Dell - I am probably right.



Den Relojo said...

You're such an asshole! You hate outsourcing because you're a racist

Anonymous said...

You are most certainly not racist mam, I believe you have every right to be upset. Customer service is designed to make the customer happy and if you requested the number from dimple then by god he should have given it to you. The poster above me is clearly incompetent.