14 February 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I am not a mom yet - well, at least not a mom of a human child. I have 2 furry, four-legged babies that I am their mom.
My cat really doesn't want anything to do with anyone. But my dog is everyone's best friend.
Right after every holiday, I head to my local fabric store/Wal-mart/whatever and buy 2-3 square yards of whatever holiday materials they have on sale. (for example, tomorrow I will be stopping at Walmart and buying a bit of some cute valentine's material.)
I cut the material into squares that are 1 foot on each side. Fold it into a triangle and PRESTO! Home-made neckerchief for her! I give them most everyone I know that has a dog and they love it.
Neckerchiefs cost 3 or 4 bucks at a pet store - and the 2 or 3 yards of material may cost the same but I get quite a few neckerchiefs out of that.
Since I am not a seamstress, I don't take the time to stitch the edges or what have you. So if it gets frayed, dirty, torn, chewed up, etc... That's OK. :)
It works for me!
Visit Rocks in My Dryer for more stuff to work for you on Wednesday.

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