14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Why I love Mark...

1. He would never intentionally hurt my feelings. Ever.
2. He is very good to me.
3. He is very good FOR me.
4. He laughs at my stupid jokes.
5. He likes my family.
6. He likes my animals.
7. He plays Lego's with my nephew.
8. He will help my niece with Tinker Toys.
9. He can always make me smile - even when i don't want to.
10. He has a dream of our future. Together.
11. He listens.
12. He would never hurt me.
13. He gives me hugs and kisses when I don't expect it.
14. He gives me hugs and kisses when I need them.
15. He wants what is best for us.
16. He talks to me. And with me.
17. He is there for me if I need him.
18. He compromises with me.
19. He doesn't try to make me be someone who I am not.
20. He loves me - for me.

I love you, Mark.

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Anonymous said...

And that's really all we need right?

Happy Valentine's day.