06 February 2007

Works For Me Wednesday - The LOVE Edition

Welcome to the Love Edition of Works For Me Wednesday....
Admittedly, I haven't had the best-o-luck in the love department in the past few years. But 9 1/2 months ago I found found the love of my life.
Our 9 1/2 months has been great - we always find silly ways, fun ways, and romantic ways to make each other feel loved.
We have "contests" to see who can make up the silliest nicknames for each other. "Chocolate Love Monkey Bunny Butt" or "Sweet Potato with Marshmallows" - things like that.
We send each other song lyrics that remind each other of us, how we feel, etc. Current winner - Billy Joel, "I love you just the way you are".
We send each other cards in the mail for no reason. I buy the .99 cent greeting cards and fill them out and mail them whenever. Or I will leave them in the door for him to get when he comes over. Or leave them by the sink for him to get them when he comes over.
But our favorite thing to do is go to Hallmark and send him e-cards for absolutely no reason. Silly goofy ones. The best part of it is that you can select the date you send them. I will just pick random days and presto - he will get an e-card. He loves it. And I love knowing that he loves it.
So, in a nutshell, this all works for me! Or, rather, works for US!!
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p.s. - I LOVE YOU, Mark!!!!


Becky said...

Those are great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day.

Nikki said...

Fun tips! I love the idea of random e-cards and cards stuck in the door.

Nikki ALL OUT Valentine's Day

Larae said...

GREAT ideas! I'm a bride-to-be right now & I can safely say I've done all of those ideas. The Hallmark e-cards & mailing out 99 cent cards top my list of favorite things to do for each other ;) I hope you two have a very lovely Valentine's Day together! =)

Stephanie said...

Oh!! Those are such sweet things to do!!

Now, since we've had a baby, I find it romantic if Matthew fixes my plate at dinner.


Jenny said...

You guys make me sick.

But just because I'm jealous.