04 February 2007

Unbelievably full

So we had super bowl dinner/food at my folks house.

Menu consisted of:
Rotel Dip (courtesy of me)
Guacamole (courtesy of Mark)
French Onion Dip (courtesy of Mark)
Home made chicken wings (courtesy of Jon - he fried them and basted them)
Pigs in a blanket (Mom)
Stuffed Mushrooms (Mom)
Pulled Pork Sandwiches (mom)
7 Layer Dip (mom)
Cheese cake (Mom)
Coffee Cake (mom)
And I know I am missing some more.

OMG am I full. Uncomfortably full.

Funniest thing of the night... we kept asking who Ben's best friend was. He kept saying "Aunt Margaret". :)

Then my dad asked "When do I get to be your best friend".

Ben's response, "when Aunt Margaret and Mark leave, Papa can be my best friend".

We laughed for 10 minutes about that.


min said...

Reggie only watched the first half of the game. I only watched the second half. Reggie likes the Bears. Violet didn't watch at all. We ate soup and sandwiches. No beer. No guacamole.

Jenny said...

Ha! Love it!