10 February 2007

Painful Day

Well, it's been a long few days. Thursday night I was at work until 10:30. Had to drive across town, stay at a hotel (asleep by midnight) and up and ready to go back to work at 6:45. I was so unbelivably tired.

Friday when I left work (I was at a special ceremony for fellow employees of my company - preparing on Thursday and the actual ceremony on Friday) I went straight to Mark's house. I fell asleep at 3'ish and woke up when he came home at 5:30. We ordered pizza and while waiting on it, I realized "Holy Shit, I have a migraine". This is the first one I have ever gotten that didn't involve twitching of my eye, etc. I went from being "okay" to full blown pain. So I went and took a pill and ate dinner. Mark went and got ice for the ice pack. Nothing was helping. So by 8:45, I had fallen asleep on the couch and Mark said I was tossing and turning and moaning in my sleep. So he got me up and tucked me into bed. I woke up 4 or 5 times during the night - and just couldn't shake it.

I got up this morning, and it was back full blown. I got in my car, picked up my dog and laid on the couch. Problem is not only am I in pain but the slightest thing makes me cry. Me not seeing Mark this weekend - I am a sobbing mess. He text's me to tell me that he is thinkin of me - grab a box of tissues. Nothing can keep me from crying.

I was trying to plug in my cell phone, lost my balance, hit my head on the wall. Combine a migraine with a lump on my head...woo-f'ing-hoo.

So I have a migraine, will cry at the drop of a hat, my boyfriend is in Texas City with his family, it's my mom's b-day (not there because my migraine meds and driving don't mix too well) and everything else.

Did I mention that I am still waiting on hearing if I get this job offer???

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