16 September 2008


Dear someone who may or may not live in my house with me that shall remain un-named.

Yes, I know that we had 2 bags of cheese in the fridge over the weekend. I know it. One was comletely full and one was half full. The half full one we used when we made fajitas for the crap load of people who were over.

And Yes, I know the full bag (NEVER TOUCHED) bag of cheese is no longer in there. But instead of asking me 4 differnt times where it is and tearing apart the fridge, perhaps listening to me when I say that maybe "someone's" friend who tore apart the fridge to ensure he had all of his items that were labelled (and apparantly some that weren't labelled) is where the bag of cheese ended up might be smart. Just maybe.

I did not mysteriously use said bag of shredded cheese over night (regardless of how much I love cheese), nor did my friends who still don't have power take it. SOMEONE"S friend also took a 1/2 full package of sandwich sliced cheese and an onion.

I know its hard to admit that your friends were not the best of houseguests, but damn.

I did not:

throw away
give away

an entire bag of cheese.

Thank you.

Signed, another person who may or may not live in the same house as you.


The Laundress said...


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Oh dear...Cheese is a food group as far as I'm concerned, and I would be hopping mad if my cheese suddenly vanished. "Back away from the cheese and nobody gets hurt..."

Tami W. said...

House guests...you can't live with 'em...you can't shoot 'em.

Kokopelli said...

Glad to hear you made it through Ike okay. Some friends down there faired fairly well too.

shuttle mom/belinda said...

We must have the same friends/relatives. Everyone thinks food in my fridge is food for their's. I don't mind sharing, but I get really ticked when they just take stuff without saying a word.
And one thing they should know by now, NEVER, EVER, take a pregnant lady's food!

Issas Crazy World said...

Am laughing out loud.

Lost bags of cheese stink.

Sorry couldn't help it.