22 August 2008

Letter to my unborn son

Dear beautiful, sweet, unborn child of mine -

I love you more than life itself. I never knew I could love someone this much that I haven't even met yet.

But please, please get off of my sciatic nerve.

I have been up since 1:47 (now 3:07) and am in such deep bone-jarring pain, I can't even describe it. The pain feel like it is deep within my hip bone itself.

Your daddy fell asleep on the couch, so I am laying with multiple pillows propping me up - that's the least painful position. I have a heating pad only on my hip because even though the doctor says its OK, I don't particularly want to have you all warm.

Please, give your mommy some rest. I already am not sleeping well normally, this makes it worse.

Please....help your mommy out. Please?

I will buy you many toys. With lots of pieces. And lots of noise and lights.






AJsMom said...

Hate to bring this up, but the pain might not only be Kidlet playing with your sciatica. I had bad hip pain too from the bones in the pelvis moving/widening...Give Ludwig a break - it may not all be his fault...
Hoping the heating pad and pillows help so you can get much-needed rest.

Heather said...

This sounds funny, but hanging from monkey bars can help. I also used to kneel beside my bed and lay on the bed from about the rib cage up to let the boys kind of 'hang'. It really takes the pressure off of your spine and hips. Also, arching your back over the arm of a sofa can help. Just don't let anyone see what you are doing or they'll think you've lost your mind.

Note to kidlet- don't make Aunt Heather have to come down there! ;o)

Feel better!

Issas Crazy World said...

Oh am cracking up. Not at your pain, but the letter. Try offering a dirt bike or something.

Have you tried preggo massage? It can do wonders.

shay said...

I hope your baby actually listens. Mine never did lol. The chiro and massage therapist were my bestest friends during pregnancy!

Try ice...worked way better than heat for me.