18 August 2008

I, apparently, am really a 13 year old boy deep down inside

I have had SO much fun with the Olympics.

yes, watching Phelps win everything has been great.

These women beach volleyball players that just beat Brazil - woo hoo!

What's given me the most joy?

Some of the players names.

Today, Mark and I watched a feed from Chinese tv of ping pong. The players from China were named: Wang and Wang. (hee hee Wang Wang)

Some guy (??) on the trampoline - his name is Dong Dong.

I also saw some guy named Gaydarski.

Honest to goodness, I haven't stopped giggling.

p.s. - am watching the women's trampoline. Holy crap.... do they jump high enough? No way in HELL I'd do any of that.


Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Bethany's first reaction to the trampoline was a look of horror at how high they were going, and then she turned to me and said, "Fall down!! Fall down!!" I encouraged her to keep watching, and she smiled triumphantly and said, "No fall down!!"

AJsMom said...

I'm having the same reactions you are! Watching these folks, shaking my head, and saying idon'tthinkso...

Issas Crazy World said...

I love looking at the names too and I love the womens beach volleyball. Those chicks rock.

The trampoline makes me think that my sport of eating ice cream on the couch just isn't cutting it.

shuttle mom/belinda said...

We did a lot of giggling over some of the names too.
Trying to watch the trampoline made me sick. I have this fear of going up high and slamming to the ground.
I couldn't even handle jumping on my bed as a kid.

shay said...

too funny!
I'm loving the olympics But I feel like kind of a shlub sitting eating and watching those runners - yikes:)