09 March 2008

Things I have learned over the past week

1. When your dog gets her teeth cleaned (under anesthesia, of course) one should NOT listen to their husband and give the dog food and water the next morning (because she "looked hungry") is a bad idea. Even though you have been through similar situations several times and you know better...don't do it. You will have to clean up the pee and poop later on.

2. Domino's Pizza. Holy crap. So you place an order online and then it tracks it every step of the way. Some guy named Demetri received my order. Made my pizza then he put it in the oven. Then a nice guy named Matthew delivered it. How do I know this? Because I watched it each step of the way. I am such a geek to find this to be fun. But it was. Then it gives you an option to fill out a survey and give comments. So when your pizza comes with enough cheese for four pizzas, you can immeidately send feedback.

3. When you have a boring-ass life like I do, your blog begins to SUCK. Not that it didn't before...but it sucks more.

4. I actually learned something new about a "guy code of ethics" from some guys at work. I will have to share this soon with everyone. I did not know this at all.


Badness Jones said...

I'd watch my pizza's development on-line, but somehow I don't think our local establishment offers that service!

And the guy code of ethics? Do tell....all I know is from Hubs rugby team, "what goes on tour, stays on tour"...and that's ethics for pigs....

btw - your blog does not suck. I do not read sucky blogs.

Mary said...

OMG that's pretty funny about Dominos! I might have to look into that around here :)

min said...

Can we start a sucky blog club? We could vote on which ones qualify...unfortunately, that wouldn't be yours.

Karmyn R said...

I wish Dominos delivered to my house - that would be way cool. (I live too rural for delivery)

shay said...

REally?! So cool!

I don't think we have that in Canada but if we did...I'd totally be checking too!