17 March 2008

more stuff I shouldn't post about

As we were laying in bed last night, I fell asleep first. I was JUST at that great point of falling asleep. You know, you are just reaching that total relaxation point?? I love that point.

Anyhow, so I hear Mark....

pause pause pause
pause pause pause
"Are you sleeping sweetie???"
"Not anymore, Mark"

I roll over and ask him what can I possibly do to help him.

"I've decided on another possible name for a boy if we have one"
(Note - I am STILL not pregnant yet....)

Me: "Ummm...okay"

Him: Ludwig

Me: WTF??? (p.s. - I actually said what the WTF stands for - I didn't say WTF)

Him: Yes. Ludwig


Him: Yes. With our last name, he will need something fun and different. I chose Ludwig. In fact, we should just copy Beethoven's name and call him Ludwig Van 13-letter-last-name.

Me: Seriously...

Him: Think about it.

At this point, I just rolled over and silently apologized to any future child/children we will have. He continued talking about it....but I....I just couldn't.


shay said...

Seriously?!! NO! Surely he was messing with you!

Maybe you'll have a girl?! Let's hope lol!

Gina said...

My husband and I argued constantly over our son's name. The name we finally did agree on was both our 4th or 6th choice or something.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

J'adore Beetoven.

But I don't think I'd name my child after him.


~JJ! said...

Ha! He's a funny guy...I hope.

My hubs wanted to name Fa (if she was a boy) Linienze...I know.

Karmyn R said...

heh heh -

My husband told me last night that if our baby is a boy - we should consider Wolfgang.

I said - Like Mozart?

He said - No, like Wolf Blitzer from CNN

Why do I get the feeling our husbands would get along?

Phoenix said...

Tell him to buy a mini-locker when the kid is born and just start sticking him in it. Then when kids start doing it, he'll be prepared.

Ludwig...I'm telling you, pull rank when you really have one. The...I'm pushing it out, I'm naming it things. Sheesh...ludwig...shakes head.

Badness Jones said...

My Hubs is really conservative with names (with everything - HOW he ended up with me God only knows!) so when I was pregnant with the Princess I pulled out all kinds of bizarre-ass names to gauge Hubs reaction - that way, when I got to the names I REALLY liked and wanted, they sounded pretty good and normal to him in comparison....maybe Mark is pulling that trick on you? I hope....if not....good luck!

min said...

Ludwig is a family name for us and I adore it. My father's name was Ludwig as was his father's and so it goes back for many generations.

My husband wouldn't have it.


My next one is going to be Ludwig.

Tami W. said...

As hard as it's going to be for young Ludwig to learn how to spell his last name I think you should stick to names like Joe or Lee. I can't think of any names with less than 3 letters!

Heather said...

Okay, either Mark has some disturbing obsession with 18th century composers -OR- ... nope. He DEFINITELY has some disturbing obsession with 18th century composers. He doesn't make you dress up in powdered wigs or anything does he? If so, therein lies a whole new genre of infertility problems. (wink)
I think (and sincerely HOPE) he is messing with you. :o)

For the Love... said...

Rob just chimed in...I was asking him what Ludwig could possibly be rhymed with to taunt him...I could not think of anything. And then Rob said:

Ludwig Von Gaytoven...not that there is anything wrong with that.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Wow!!!! Min's having ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!