03 February 2008

What to write about?

I read on a blog last week - someone asked had blogging "jumped the shark"? iF you don't know the whole theory behind "jumping the shark" - then click and read. It's actually quite fun to read about.

anyhow, I look back to when I started this a year or so ago and either I was more infatuated with blogging or I had more stuff to write about. Maybe it was because I was dating, and then the engagement and then the wedding planning and let's not forget changing jobs AND buying a house?!? (holy crap, that was a busy year for me)

So, I feel guilty, here's this outlet for me. Something I can write about whatever in, and yet I don't have much to write about. Do you want to hear about me and my long ass commute? Nope. How about my neighbors...again? Hah. I don't even want to write about that. Do you want to hear about me and Mark? Please...how fun is that? (although I watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raym0nd the other night - we are just like Ray and his wife. Bicker bicker bicker. Love, love, love)

I feel guilty because I don't write. Becuase I bet it would help me feel better and less stressed. And yet, I don't. I feel bad because I go to all these fabulous blogs and they write beautiful eloquent stuff and I write about stupid stuff.

I want to write about this journey we have now officially started. But that frightens me. Do I talk about it? If so, how much? Will I be jinxing it if I do? I have so much to say about it.... but am afraid (which is not the best word for it) to write about it.

So, that being said (and I know I just wrote like 5 paragraphs of NOTHING), I have no idea what the next few weeks, months will bring.

Hope I don't bore you too much. And if I do, it's okay. I pretty much bore the hell out of myself.

Love y'all!

p.s. - oh and dear mother nature (or whoever is responsible for me getting these GINORMOUS zits - please...give some pity to me. Please????)

p.s.s. - We need to go and show some love to a fellow blogger. I have no idea how I ended up at her blog, but I did. And she needs some bloggy love. More than there are words for.


Phoenix said...

Friend, you can write about whatever you want, cause it's your blog. That's half the fun. I just wrote about my newest illnesses. I may change my blog name form Phoenix Says to Phoenix is sick. Whatcha think?

On the journey thing....well only talk about it when it is comfortable to you or however much of it is comfortable to you. But since I'm going to live vicariously through you right now, I'm super excited.

Kathy said...

Don't worry at all about it. I can't think of anything to write either. Well, I do have a great idea, but it involves something very embarrassing, and believe it or not, I have boundaries. My husband and family said I must write about it, but I just can't. So I'm left with nothing for today, and browsing other people's blogs where they don't know what to write about either :) I'm in good company!

~JJ! said...

I'm in the same place.

Just write. It is after all..Just you.

We love you no matter what.

Tami W. said...


But I DO want to hear about your long ass commute and your work and your husband and your house and your maybe baby.
I want to hear about your neighbors, too. We all need to be kept up to date incase any of us are needed to testify in court on your behalf.


Gina said...

Yup, no matter what you put up, we love ya!

shay said...

I often feel like this about my blog and then I think, I'm writing this for myself, not the people who leave comments so....

Write what you want to...or don't. It's your blog. I like to hear about your drive and work and desire to start a family. It's what makes us human so write on...

TxGambit said...

I have been feeling like this myself. But, I think for me it is more that I am overwhelmed by my topics that I want to write about.

I have also been very "quiet" on making comments. :(

I read anything and everything you write though!! So don't stop. I would miss you.

belinda/shuttle mom said...

Just be you! That's why I enjoy reading your blog.