27 January 2008

I'm Back!

I can't believe I went a week without posting.

I wish I could say it was because I had won the lottery. Or Mark had whisked me away to a private island in the Caribbean.
But no.
I worked a crap load this past week. and didn't have much to write about.
Now, my circumstances changed as of last night. Why? Well because we had 30'ish people over last night for, what was widely claimed to be, one of the best parties ever.
Prior to any consumption of alcohol, I counted:
2 1/4 LARGE bottles of vodka
11 (yes, ELEVEN) bottles of wine
2 trays (each holding 48) of Jello Shots
30 jello shots that didn't fit onto the trays
1 Large bottle of Tequila and corresponding margarita stuff
1 decent sized bottle of coconut rum
Beer - between 4 and 5 twelve-packs.

Now, once people arrived, we received:
4 more bottles of wine
1 more bottle of vodka
2 bottles of sparkling wine
1 bottle of coconut rum.
Copious more amounts of beer

Sometime after I consumed massive amounts of jello shots and vodka/cranberry juice, apparantly there was ANOTHER run to a liquor store. Wherein was purchased:
More juice
MORE vodka (good lord...)
2 bottles of Jaeger-meister (sp?)

Two folks brought accordians. Much fun. MUCH fun.

And the best part? 6 boxes of SPARKLERS!!!!!

Everyone got me into the yard with sparklers and asked me to do a dance. I fell. But it was SOOOOOO much fun.
Sparklers and jello shots = Giant Fun.
p.s. - not all of the liquor was consumed. Out of everything, there is about 18 beer bottles left, 4 bottles of wine, 1 of the LARGE bottles of vodka and the sparkling wine.
And NONE of the jello shots were left. NONE.
I wish y'all could have come!
p.p.s. -- for those of you that dropped me an email checking on me. Thank you....


belinda said...

Hey, I've got several boxes of sparklers stashed. I'll save them for MDCQIII. Are you game?

~JJ! said...

WHoot. Glad to see your time was spent productively!

Nice to see you back.

Badness Jones said...

I miss parties like that! But not the mornings that follow them. I hope you're still feeling fine, and I'm so glad you're back!

Phoenix said...

Jello shots make any party more fun. If you need me to take any wine off your hands just let me know. I aim to help, you know?

Gina said...


I missed you too!

For the Love... said...

Ummm Jello...there is always room for jello.

I just remembered that a million years ago my Mom brought special jello to Thanksgiving dinner...not shots, but a whole bowl.

Glad you are back!

Heather said...

Sorry I missed that one! Sounds like a blast!

Missed your posts. Sorry it took me until Tuesday to get back to you, but I've had some sick kids and tons of schedule rearranging to do because of it.

shay said...

I wondered where you'd gotten too!

That sounds like a blast!
This is weird but I've never had a jello shot, what is it?!

I do love me some vodka from time to time though:0) shhhhh don't tell!