29 January 2008


Hey...you....company in the logo featured below.

Guess what.

I hated you in November.

I hated you in December.

I hate you even more now.


That is all.
Yes, I know. Not very eloquent. I was at a job fair today. WAY too many people showed up. Made me cranky. I lost my work phone. Made me crankier.


shay said...

You're going to have to explain just a teenie big why? (I'm pretty nosey, can you tell?!)

Hope tomorrow's better!

~JJ! said...

I love that post. So real. So heartfelt.

So bitchy...like me.

Mary said...

Hope you found your phone and hope you have a better day today :)

Phoenix said...

Does that mean you get a new work phone? Maybe you can request a fun one, like the Iphone.

dawn224 said...

I'd rather use dialup than Comcrap. I'm just sayin'