10 December 2007

New Friends and More Bling

So my new friend, Badness Jones (who, btw, has a kick-tushie name) not only wrote an entire post about ME, but she gave me some bling.

Dude, she wrote a post about me! Rather....about my "hypothetical friend". Ok, fine, there is no hypothetical friend.

It's me. Yeah, Mark and I are going to try to get knocked up here in a few months.

Anyhow, so Badness wrote about me AND gave me an award.

How much does she rock?

And how much does THIS rock???

So I am going to share my blingy love. With all new friends (except for one)

Tami - she has fab stories, the best cats (they talk to her, you know) and left me a hysterical comment about the whole preggo thing

Kathy - She's got great stories, has gotten an apple from Santa and liked my Space Shuttle story (if you haven't heard it, lemme know, cause I LOVE telling it....hahahahahah)

Heather at Mama Drama - because I don't hear enough from her and ALWAYS wonder how she's doing. And you aren't a new friend, but you certainly ARE NOT old. OK? I am worried that sounds wrong. But you have been a great friend to me. Thank you.

Mary - OMG, the photos on her blog...unbelievable. Since I married a hobbyist photographer, I keep yelling at him "COme see this one!!" "oooh...look at this one". He thinks I am wierd. I, love her words AND her photos....

And Amy - because where else in the world of blogging could you write the following sentence: "The diaper is on the sidewalk with the trash because it's trash days." Really? Pre-blogging, would that sentence really ever be written for any reason? I LOVE that sentence. And everything else she writes.

Badness - I wish I could send this right back to you, but that may be breakin' the rules. And I am NOT a rule breaker. Not in my blog and NOT in the express checkout lane at the grocery store. I count my items. and I count others too. HAH.

Seriously - for those of you who commented, smoochies.

Maybe one day fairly soon I can join the ranks of Mommy Bloggers. Cause that's all I read are blogs of Moms. But....y'all have quickly become my friends.

Thank you.

p.s. - No, Tami, I will not leave my pregnancy stick on the bathroom floor of a restaurant.

p.s.s. - Can I tell you that I haven't stopped smiling at the very thought of being a Mommy??


shay said...

Yah whooo!
Trying is the most fun! here's hoping you get a extra special gift for Christmas;-)

shay said...

Oh and I just read the last post. Seriously - DO NOT bother loosing weight before pregnancy. Why bother?! lol.
And take the vitamins. I think they're good for you just cuz you're a chick!
Oh and "The Birth Book" by william Sears in my recommendation.

Happy trying.

Gina said...

Badness Jones is one cool chicky!


Badness Jones said...

Now I'm blushing.....

Whew! I wasn't sure whether to link to you in that post or not, but I left my comment and then I was thinking about you and that stupid book the whole time I was out grocery shopping with the kids so I came back and wrote it.

I think you rock too!

xoxo - Now go grab that hubby and ravish him....just because you're trying "in a couple of months" is no reason not to practise now!

Kathy Frederick said...

I'm feeling the love! So happy to have discovered your blog via your Space Shuttle story. I'm still talking about that!
Kathy at The Junk Drawer

Amy said...

thanks, margaret!!! i'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

It is so true...you totally rock.

Happy baby making.

Mary said...

Thanks for the blog love!!!

nikki said...

What? You mean you're not supposed to leave you pregnancy stick on the floor of a restaurant bathroom?!?! Ooops. Sorry.


Tami W. said...

You like me! You really, really like me!!

Thanks so much for the blog love. This is the very first award I've ever been given. I can't wait to tell Dave!

Is it breaking the rules to turn around and give the award right back to you? You totally rock Margaret Sally!!!

Mama Drama Jenny said...

You're going to get pregnant right here on the blog?! Like live-blogging the conception?! That is AWESOME!

You're going to be a great mommy. I can tell already.

TxGambit said...

It is sooo funny because I can't stop smiling because you said you were trying! How cheesy is that?

I swear I'm not a stalker!!!! You have met me. :)

But, all the moms will tell you, you may have loved before but not like that mother/child love. It is the most amazing! I can't wait for you to feel that.

mama drama heather said...

Thank-you, sweet friend! You're the greatest!

Jessica said...

I'm very excited for you guys. You really will be a fantastic mom. as for the actual GETTING pregnant part: getting really drunk and doing it in a closet (don't ask!) worked for me, but I don't know that I would recommend that to everyone. I really wish I could give you some great practical advice about getting pregnant, but it turns out I'm really bad at that part (especially when I'm trying and except for the whole closet incident, but you catch my drift). So so so excited for you guys...good luck and have fun!!!

Karen MEG said...

Good luck Margaret.. I came by via Badness, and you're obviously worthy of a post in your honour.
Sending baby wishes your way....
The fun part is trying... but then again I remember one time hubby gave me a pre-emptive caveat:
"Okay, no comments on technique tonight, this one's for baby, all right?" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sending you lots of baby dust from the Northeast!

Take the vitamins and go enjoy your hubby. Seriously. THAT's when it'll happen.

But try the trapeze, too. HAA!


Leigh said...

HI! I came across your blog. Wish I knew the space shuttle story I am sure it's funny! Cute blog. Good luck on getting knocked up.

Amy said...

just found out what <3 means!!! thanks again. i am a little slow sometimes =) just getting caught up with my blogging!!!

Kristen said...

What a sweet post! I am looking forward to reading your mommy blog posts as much as I like reading your posts now!

Phoenix said...

A baby???? You're having a baby! AHhh I missed so much. COngrats my friend. I'm so happy for you.