01 October 2007

4 days & One more thing you don't say to a bride before a wedding

Tick Tock Tick Tock.

I haven't packed crap. I haven't written a list of crap I have to pack.

DId go and get my hair practiced done on Saturday. Mark took pictures of me while I was outside in the sun.

Sunday night, he was fiddling with the pictures in photo shop.

Me: Hon, whatcha doin?

Him: Removing your wrinkles from your photos with Photoshop.


Me: The ONLY reason you aren't dead is because we are not married and I am not yet the beneficiary of your life insurance.

Him: I MEANT the lines from you squinting in the sun!!!

Me: Too late. Butthead. Too late.


I really do think he meant the whole sun thing but damn....there is supposed to be an "edit" button on your mouth. Find it. Use it.


Oh, and he did why we didn't decide to get married at 8am. Why? Becuase the weather is so nice at 8am.

I love the big lug. Really...I do.


Gina said...

Is he just trying to get a rise out of you? I mean, it sounds like he is just pushing his luck if not.

Deep breaths, my dear.

For the Love... said...

Rob wishes he had that edit button or maybe a rewind feature. Right after I had Miss-D we were in the car and he reached over to tweak my boobie....I said, "Why did you just pinch my stomach?!" Can't believe he thought they were that low!!!!

Phoenix said...

I think you should tell him that if he really wants to live to see the honeymoon, he needs to keep his mouth shut.

Or think carefully about everything he says. Very carefully, like he was talking to I don't know....someone who he'd like to take care of him in his old age, stead of just shoving him in a home. :)

Anonymous said...

HA! He's funny.

TxGambit said...

Undo, undo!

Ha, ha. Hang in there.... almost there.


Ami said...

5 days, oh my goodness!

AJsMom said...

At least your life will never be boring...