14 September 2007

3 weeks from tomorrow

Wedding day.

My name will go from 8 letters in my first name, 5 letters in my middle name and 4 letters in my last name to:

8 letters in my first name.
5 letters in my middle name
13 letters in my last name.

Holy shit. I can't even count that high.

I ordered my cake yesterday.

It's pretty much like this.

Except it doesn't have the bottom layer.
And it isn't white - it's ivory.
And the flowers aren't white. They are light blue (to match my flowers) with light green leaves.
And we aren't having a cake topper. Unless I get flowers to put on top. But I don't think I will.

But that's my cake.

I picked up my dress today. I haven't tried it on yet. I will tomorrow.

Everything except the marriage license is done.

I am getting married.

3 weeks from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! That's 22 days. And a whole bunch of minutes. Even more seconds.

About the same amount of seconds till I get married as will be in my entire name.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it?


13 lettes, what the?

Phoenix said...

13 letters is a long name, but you'll get used to it. Eventually.

Yummy cake.

Jay Cam said...

congrats! hope you have a great wedding!

Jay Cam said...

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Gina said...

Wow! Not too much longer my dear, how exciting!

And, you ARE a postcard person, except I don't have your address!

Robin said...

Know what, Margaret? On your wedding day, I'll be on our 20th anniversary trip (I was married practically in the womb). We're celebrating a month early (it's when we could get childcare), which basically means, I'll be celebrating for a month. Twenty years, for heaven's sakes...in this day and time, something to celebrate!

I KNOW you're getting excited...13-lettered-last name or not! (Love your cake, I "saw" it with the changes you noted :) ).

For the Love... said...

Wow I didn't realize it was so soon! I am excited for you! We will get to see some pics right????

Jessica said...

Less than three weeks...yay!

What a GORGEOUS cake!

Jenny said...

I love the cake! Beautiful.

Heather said...

I'm so, so, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I'm drooling over your cake. Pretty- simple- elegant!

Mike and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on Thursday. I can't believe its been 10 years already! WOW!

AJsMom said...

I had a maiden name that no one could pronounce or spell correctly - and it was only 5 letters. I always swore I was going to grow up and marry someone named "Smith" or "Jones". I not only dropped from near the beginning of the alphabet to the end, but also married someone with an even worse last name than I started out with! ARGH!