25 August 2007

still here...

Just not a lot to say lately.

Been sleeping a lot. Most nights this week, asleep by 9:15. I think all the stress of dad being sick just tuckered me out.

Our house was out of caffeine this morning (except for coffee - gross. can't stand that) and it was late until we got out and about and I got some.

Going without caffeine causes me to get a migraine. I changed purses today to take a small one to the baseball game with me and didn't grab either my expensive good migraine medication or my over the counter Excedrin migraine.

Have you ever been at a baseball game with 41,000 of your closest and loudest freinds with a small migraine? Yeah. it sucked. Mark went to the first aid station and got me some Advil and it didn't do a thing for it, but I tried to smile thru it.

Am laying in our cool bedroom with my good expenisve medicine in me and an ice pack on my neck. This is about as good as it gets. Except the headache. But it really is feeling better. And it doesn't get better than that.

Mark is making a large pitcher of tea for me in the morning. Never again....

More interesting stuff tomorrow. I do have some funny stuff to post.

This - well, come on, why are you still reading?


For the Love... said...

Aw man a migrane in a crowed loud place...Glad you are feeling better.

Phoenix said...

I've only had one or two migranes in my life and I feel for you. At a ball game sounds unbearable. I hope you feel better soon.

TxGambit said...

I have been fighting a headache for a few days. I am just glad it hasn't quite turned yet.

When were you at the game? My oldest son was there on Friday night when it went into extra innings and I was waiting up for him to come home. I was a sleepy girl.

Heather said...

I get migranes too. They stink! I don't know how you functioned at a ballgame with one. You are a WO-MAN!