20 August 2007

Prayers please - Updated

my daddy was just admitted to hospital. no word. hopefully just for observation.

out of touch till hopefully tomorow when know more.

Please....say prayers....please?

* Updated 6:45pm*
Dad was just admitted to the Observation Unit. I am by no means a medical person but in my opinion, that seems not so bad, right?
Mom said his color was good (not gray like when he went into Congestive Heart Failure).

Apparantly he had a doctor appt at 3 (normal one) and the doc saw soemthing he wanted to keep an eye on.

Oh and yesterday when it was a hundred gazillion degrees out, he went out (77 years old) to mow the f-ing grass.


TxGambit said...

Hugs, thoughts, prayers!!!!

Give an update when you can....

TxGambit said...

Thanks for updating.... I really hope he feels better soon.

He needs to give up the mowing the grass! Heck I am only 34 and I don't do it!

Jane said...

Oohhh, a prayer for sure.

Tell him to HIRE somebody to mow the grass. There's gotta be a strong teenage boy somewhere in their area who needs $.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending my love...to you and dad.

For the Love... said...

Hugs and prayers....

My Mom will be 60 next month and will get out in the field and bush hog even if it is 110 degrees. Makes me want to strangle her but she will not stop. At 36 I would not consider doing that-

Gina said...

Prayers totally coming over Texas way! I hope he is dong better!