04 August 2007

Our Children

Please allow me to introduce you to my "children".

This is Chloe. She's a typical older cat. Very grouchy. Very much "leave me alone unless I need something from you and even then I may still bite you. And don't you dare feed me a minute late because I will follow you around and meow and squawk until you may threaten to shoot yourself because you would never hurt a cute thing like me". This was a few years ago when she had her first encounter with....

Cammie....This is Cammie before and after her first haircut about 2 weeks ago. Took me a while to like the haircut, but it's really cute and she sheds soooo much less.

But she has issues. Chloe - she doesn't do much. Sleeps alot. But Cammie?

Allow me to list what she is scared of:

1. Garbage bags. You know, when you pop them open to put them in the can? Yep. Terrified.

2. Vacuum Cleaner. Hides. Cowers.

3. Most men. Mark is the only man that she took to easily. She was terrified of my ex husband. Doesn't like my brother OR my father at first. And they are both animal people.

4. And the newest thing? Yes, she is petrified of this. I think it's because it makes that gurgling sound like the giant water coolers that people use. But she won't even go close to it. I have tried and tried. I put ice cubes in it. I dip my fingers in it and let her lick off my fingers. But as far as her actually drinking out of it? Hah. Fat Chance.

It's entirely possible that there is something out there with more issues than me.


TxGambit said...

Cute! Is Cammie part Husky? I used to have 4 of them. Yes 4. I miss them!

I have two cats now because it just fits my lifestyle better. The kids are begging for a dog! Maybe soon.

Jenny said...

Your kids are adorable!

Lets have a playdate.

For the Love... said...

Cute! My Mom's dog freaks out if something touches her and she doesn't see it. This became a real problem the time she ate a Wal-Mart bag and was in the process of passing it. She would squat, the bag was returning-it would brush the back of her leg-she would flip out and hunch/run then it started over again until the thing was out.

Hope you are feeling better!

Gina said...

They are both adorable!

I hope you are feeling better too!

Phoenix said...

Cute kids. ;)

My roomates dog is scared shitless of the vacume.

Anonymous said...

Your children are beautiful!