11 August 2007

Actual Phone Conversation

I had to find someone in New Braunfels to do my hair on my wedding day. I know no one there so I just went to Yahoo Yellow Pages and searched. Called one...here's what happened

Them: Hello, (Insert name of hair place here), may I help you?
Me: Hi, yes. I am getting married in October in New Braunfels and I am hoping to find someone to do my hair on my wedding day. I live in Houston and am planning on getting my hair done here about a week or two before and taking pictures and bringing them to you.
Him: You are the bride?
Me: Ummm....yes.
Him: Ummm...
Me: so like I said, I won't be in town until the day before the wedding and wanted to bring pictures.
Him: I'm sorry, we can't help you.
Me: Ummmm. I'm sorry?
Him: We don't do "bridal" hair anymore
Me: Ummmmm. I don't want fancy bridal hair, I just want my hair done pretty, you know?
Him: But you are the bride, right?
Me: Yes
Him: Like I said, we don't do bridal hair anymore
(Note, by now I am looking for a camera - I am SURE I am on Candid Camera)
Me: Are you kidding?
Him: No. We had some bad experiences, so we stopped doing bridal hair
Me: ummmm...
Him: And I don't know of anyone out here to recommend to you. CLICK.

WTH? Did you royally screw up a bride's (or two, or TEN) hair? If you can't do that - why are you still doing ANY hair? It's not like I called Mike's Barber Shop - Home of the $7 haircut.

I ended up calling the innkeeper at the B&B and got a recommendation from her.


On other notes, things are okay. I have everything pretty much done. HEB is doing the cake. Flowers ordered. Shoes ordered and bought different shoes today for the actual ceremony (have to walk down a grassy hill and heels are probably not the best). RSVP's are starting to come back.

Mark and I are going tomororow to finish up the registries. We are going hog wild with them online. Time to go edit them in person.

Our friend who backed out on the singing - fine. I am okay with it now. He is going to bring his equipment and we are going to have the song played like Rascal Flatts sings it. After the ceremony, we are going to have a mixed CD play of stuff that Mark and I like. it's probably better.

Really, those of you that read this are the best! Offering to beat someone up for me? I love y'all. I really, really do. Thank you!!!


Gina said...

Ooooh, it's getting closer! How exciting!

I can't believe they stopped doing "bridal" hair. It's fairly lucrative so they must have just sucked.

Heather said...

Sounds like things are going well! Yay!

And they don't do "bridal hair"? You've got to be kidding me. That's just ridiculous!

TxGambit said...

Bridal hair? Interesting. That must have been some Bridezilla that got them to stop doing "bridal hair"...

It sounds like everything is coming together for you!!!! How exciting!!!

Jane said...

Sounds like you are really on something of a roller coaster. I remember that feeling! What's with that nut of a hairdresser, anyway?

And I'm sorry you had to go through all that nonsense about "your song" and the Old Friend. I wasn't familiar with "Broken Road", but it's a great song and I'm glad you're getting it at your wedding in some format.

In case you're interested, this was Lew's and my wedding song in 1994 (our 13th anniversary's coming up in a week!)
Bruce was not available that weekend (ha), so we knew we were going to use the recording...but we waltzed to it and it was great.

(I thought it was going to come up as a link, but it didn't. Hope you can copy and paste it though.)

Heather said...

Isn't it amazing to see what kind of morons there are in the world? I would have told him where he could put his rat tail comb. LOL!

I hope the new place does 'bridal hair' for you.

Glad you got the song issue resolved. I WISH I lived closer to you. I'd sing whatever you wanted. I love singing for weddings... and, well, whatever else anyone will let me sing at. :o) You wouldn't consider getting married in Ohio, would you? We have plenty of great hair dressers here! I'd do your flowers too!