05 June 2007

Completely Random Crap

On Friday morning, my bestest friend had an emergency c-section.

Mommy, Daddy and little Matthew Ryan are doing fabulous. He is absolutely beautiful, handsome, adorable, snuggly - everything. Even the enormous fit he pitches when you take off his diaper to change him....absolutely wonderful.

I am going in a few days to look at wedding dresses. Rather than spend a gazillion dollars on one - i have found that many, many places make equally beautiful bridesmaid dresses at a mere fraction of the price. In fact - some are 99 bucks!!! And in ivory!!!

When Mark and I moved into this house, I thought to myself - wow. it's gonna be great. And it has been - but DAMN - adjusting to living together. Yeah....woo hoo. He has so many quirks. I know I have them too. But wow.

I am going next Saturday to the MamaDramaConQueso providing my nephew's birthday doesn't interfere. Hoping it will all work out. My guess is we will do my dad's Father's Day celebration that same evening. Father's Day with Mark's dad on Sunday. But I am so frickin excited about MamaDramaConQueso. I heart queso. I really, really do.

We have all but made our final decision on our wedding place and restaurant. We have not told any of our family yet. Trying to avoid the pissiness. And the "why can't it be HERE" comments. And they "well, we will TRY to come" (even though its four months from tomorrow and we have plenty of time to get 1/2 day off of work and find a reasonably priced motel room - that is in NEW BRAUNFELS. Not like i am getting married in GREECE).



MamaLee said...

OOO, have fun at the blogger bash! Sounds lovely. Living together? Overrated.

And I HEART Texas. And New Braunfels? OMG... I love that area. When I was preggo with my son, we vacationed in Burnet (a nice bed and breakfast there!) and ended up driving south, thru Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, on to San Antonio. Then down to Corpus Christi! I remember the bluebonnets, the indian paintbrushes... the VERY preggo tummy...

I also visited Houston 2 years ago.
My point is, Texas is a lovely place! And take some pics of the get-together! I can't wait to see!

Gina said...

Congrats on finding the place! That was one of the hardest parts of my wedding, picking the right place.

And boo on all you Texas girls! ;)

reevesfarm said...

Congrats on getting a place nailed down!

Can't believe I am gonna miss the MamaDramaDoo, crap, well, I will set my clock and make sure that I am having a big cocktail while ya'll are all having fun. Crap...

Karmyn R said...

Have fun at the party. Oregon's too far to drive. Texas might as well be Greece. hee hee.

I'm glad your friend and her new baby are doing well! Emergency C's - always scary.

Jenny said...

You have to come...even if it means bringing your nephew with you.