13 June 2007

Check, Check and Check

Dress - Check
Place - Check
Restaurant - Check
Cake or Cake- Check (not sure which one, but the restaurant will let us bring in one from an outside place)
Flowers - Kinda check. I know what I want. Need to find the place that will do what i want for the price I want. One place wanted a hundred bucks for a simple hand tied bouquet of irises. Bite me. Hard. I found one that I like - need to see if a store will re-create
Invitations - Kinda check. Found a cheap place. Hell, we only need 10 or 15. Can I send a postcard? Kidding. We are sending them out... just can't decide between official printed ones and buy from Office Max and print ourselves
Preacher - Check!! (working to iron out details of ceremony soon!!)

What else? Anything?


reevesfarm said...

I bet it feels great to have all of that nailed down!

$100 for a bouquet of irises, bite me hard indeed!

Jenny said...

Beautiful! The only thing missing is a groom. (I assume you've got that one covered though, huh?)

PS. I got my wedding cake at HEB too.

Gina said...

Oooh, irises are my favorite flower. But I got married in November, so hydrangeas and roses it was.

wordgirl said...

Iris! I love iris! In fact, I mention them in today's post.

Heather said...

Glad it's all falling into place. It will be fabulous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the place you've chosen, too!!
I wish I lived nearer to you. I'd do your flowers as your gift. I did a similar bouquet for my sister a couple of years ago. The one you've chosen is gorgeous!!!

Jane said...

Well, the important thing is, remember you're marrying the guy you love, and look forward to the rest of your life!