02 May 2007

Packing Really Sucks and Other stuff

Is there anything really worse in the world than packing?

As my father said to me earlier "You move, so you can pack, so you can clean out your crap."

No, dad, I am moving so I can be with Mark....cleaning out my crap is a perk. Packing completely f'ing sucks. Really it does.

My dog is wigged out. She has issues but these boxes everywhere are just too much. My cat keeps trying to eat the packing tape. Not quite sure why.

I move 8 days from tomorrow. I know I have made a lot of progress, but I still feel like there is so much to do. Every night I pack a little more.

Saturday I have to be there at 8am for the house cleaners, carpet cleaners and the appliances. While there, me, Mom and Dad are going to work in the yard, fix the fence and a few other things. After that....

drum roll please....

Mark and I are making a decision as to "where" on the wedding. And I think the "when" will be decided too. Probably October.


We have it narrowed down to....well...one place. We are basically eloping. With 20 guests.

Found a place that will do it, super cheap. We just want a place for the ceremony. That's it. After that, we are taking our families out to dinner. Nothing fancy. Probably fajitas, and of course, queso.

There is another option for a place. We are waiting on pricing.

Dad and Mom think we should get married at our house and cook a brisket. Ok. NO.
(and forgive the crappy photos. No idea where that cord is that my camera is supposed to have. Its in one of those boxes in the garage in one of those crappily laid out photos)


Anonymous said...

Moving is a pain, but the change can be so exciting. I hope you get to "excited" soon!

And my hubby and I eloped. Took a few friends and went down to Florida and got married in a garden. It was awesome.

Take a breath and take the tape out of your cat's mouth!

Anonymous said...

Wait till the UNPACKING!!!!

Fun fun fun....

Jenny said...

Oh God, I feel your pain. Seriously. It's awful.

BUT CONGRATULATIONS! Picking a date...so exciting!