17 May 2007

It's Like The Emmy's

But not quite.

I won a contest.

And my prize? Have my blog critiqued/featured/reviewed by Jenny at Mama Drama.

I adore all the women at Mama Drama.

They leave me the best comments. Offer fabulous support. Provide more laughs than I remember in a long time.

It's like friends, but they don't come over and drink all my liquor. But I'd let them.

It's like friends, but they didn't come and help me move. But I really would have let them do that too.

What's cool is that I am not even a Mom and they (along with all the other regular commenters) have accepted me completely.

And they have "introduced" me to so many others.

There needs to be a Mama (and non-Mama) Drama gathering....soon.


heath5197 said...

We adore you too! And I am all for a gathering! That would be so much fun!

Heather said...

Whoops! This is Heather, by the way!

wordgirl said...

If it's in Texas? I'm SO there.

Pamela said...

funny.... Margaret's Alley would have been a cool name, too.

here from Jenny @ MamaDrama

Anonymous said...

Jenny rocks...I lurve her to pieces...I saw her mention you and got all aflutter with joy!!!

Stephanie said...

You. Are. Awesome!!

And, DANG, woman!! You're right! We need a gathering...


Need to work on this...

Anonymous said...

WUV YOU! xoxo

Richie Ann said...

As an added bonus to winning, we've quoted you in our contest! Come play...you and anyone else who wants to visit could win $50!
Haute Mamas