17 May 2007

I am In LOVE

I completely, 100% *heart* Target.

Why? Why, you ask?

Because I am a girl on a budget for my wedding. We want something simple, in-expensive yet still pretty. I want a bit of traditionalism but not a whole hell of a lot.

This is why I *HEART* Target.

Inexpensive and yet quite cute. One of them - I really like but my butt is WAY too big. So I have found one or two others that I like.



Jenny said...

The trapunto bell dress! Gorgeous! They're all great.

I freaking love Target. Maybe that's where we should to MamaDramaCon?

Anonymous said...

That is very awesome...Good luck finding a dress...I had my eye on one and only tried on that one and never wore another...I'm easy that way too.

Robin said...

WEDDING DRESSES AT TARZJAY??? Well, now...I always have thought they carried everything, now I'm convinced.

I'd let you borrow my dress,except 1) I don't know you (lol), and 2) it's been "hermetically sealed" in a cardboard box for almost 20 years.

Yep, in November, I'm breaking that sucker out and if I have to cut off body parts, I will wear it for the week of my anniversary. IF it hasn't totally disintegrated over the years...:/.

(Here from Jenny's post...)

Karmyn R said...

Target carries Wedding dresses? AND - the price is right? When did the pigs start flying? When did Hell freeze over? WOW!

Jason said...

We registered there at Target too. Congratulations.

Heather said...

I love them all! I think you are very, very, very, very wise to go with one of these. I had no idea they even carried wedding gowns!
I wish I hadn't spent so much on my wedding dress. Actually, my Mom bought it, but looking back, that money could have went to better things. That dress is now sitting in a box, packed away forever. It's even too old to donate and I have no daughters to pass it on to. Maybe one of my boys' fiancees will be an antique lover and go for wearing it. LOL!

Jane said...

These are lovely! And the prices! I had to look twice to make sure I was reading them right. Go for it!