24 May 2007


Me: After dinner, I wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher or hand wash and dry them to put them away.

Him: After dinner, stack dishes in the sink. Continue on a daily basis until there is no more room in either side of the sink. THEN fill dishwasher.

Result: Completely stupid bickering that resulted in both of saying "whatever" and me going upstairs to watch American Idol.

Me: Do a little bit of laundry every day, combining both our clothes so as to maintain highest possible level of washer and dryer efficiency.

Him: Save laundry until you have a heaping mound and then stay up until 11 to do it (because you used to live in an apartment and you had 93 washers and dryers and could do ALL your laundry in 30 mins)

Result: Separate laundry.


Me: Wonder in all that is good and fabulous about cooking on a gas stove, and drying clothes in a gas dryer.

Him: Scream because the gas stove caused the spaghetti sauce to bubble over (not watching) and the dryer is SOOOO much smaller than the 93 dryers the apartment complex had.

Result: Ummmm.... I love Mark.


Stephanie said...

Hey!! Matthew and I went through the SAME STUFF when we moved in together.

Hmmmm, it's 7 years later, and we're STILL going through it!

Anonymous said...

Too sweet.

We still do that with each other..we've been living together for 7 years.

Anonymous said...

It'll keep on happening! Just pick your battles, my dear. And sit next to ME. I'M the one with all of the WINE.

wordgirl said...

I had totally forgotten about the luxury of multiple washers in an apartment. But...it was just about the only thing unless you count having all your utilities paid.

MerrieB said...

My husband and I are still going through that. Though I insisted on separate laundry early on. He's super picky about how things are folded. So I do mine, and he does his. The sheets and towels are community property (though I usually do those).

Mama Drama Jenny said...

10 years later and we STILL seperate our laundry. In the end you do what you can to not strangle each other and grab on to the happy, silly things that make life good. :)