01 April 2007

General Update Again

I spent all day Friday (I love this every other Friday off thing) with my realtor looking at a zillion houses. 2 possibilities.

Mark and I spent all day with her today and have now narrowed it down to 3.

Of course, now we think we may be over-thinking every thing. This house has this but not this. This house has that but doesn't have that. We just don't know.

One of the houses (same floor plan we were going to put a bid on earlier last week) - its a great deal. But it sits on a quarter acre lot. Yes. A quarter acre. Actually, its about 350 square feet more than a 1/4 acre.

Thats a lot of grass. A heck of a lot.

Who knows. All I know is that as I drove to my townhouse today, just seeing all the houses on the streets was making my head hurt. I don't want to see another house for a long time.

But on a good note, Mark and I had some good talks and we realized that we are both just dealing with our stress awkwardly. We aren't communicating as we should.

All day today I would tell him "I love you" and he would say "I know". I couldn't help but laugh. But he does know. And I know he loves me.

And I have a great cat and a dog (although my cat did go a little psycho on Mark this morning....)

Life is good. Better than it was.


Karmyn said...

1/4 acre? That's NOTHING. It takes me almost 2 hours to push mow my 3/4 acres. 1/4 acre would be a cinch.

Heather said...

I remember when we were looking at houses and it was really overwhelming seeing and hearing the same things over and over. after you've seen so many, you forget which house has what and which one needs what fixed. Hope it all pans out soon and you two can find a house you love.
When I saw the 1/4 acre thing, I thought you were going to complain that it was too small of a lot. We have around 2 acres and it's mostly bare, no pole barns or ponds (yet) to take up any of the room. It takes forever to mow or fertilize it. I think my front yard is 1/4 acre and I can push mow it in about 35 minutes.

swampwitch said...

This just makes me tired thinking about looking at houses and the decisions involved. We have almost 4 acres, but because we live in the high desert, anything that grows here doesn't get mowed...except for the dratted tumbleweeds. They get chopped. I hope you can have fun with this project and that your cat doesn't remain in its psycho-mood very long.