15 March 2007

So close to being famous

Well, much to my surprise, I was this close to being famous yesterday.

I was doing my regular reading of Mama Drama, I was reading this post.

I was reading about them about to hit 15k comments. I thought - hmmmm...I was commenting about that same time yesterday.

And yet - I was only 14,999. Dammitall. So close, yet so far.


I start my new job on Monday.

This week, my week of unemployment, I have:
1. Scrubbed and mopped the kitchen floor
2. Vacuumed each room twice
3. Packed stuff I won't need for a while (prepare for the move). Note to all - Girl Scout Cookie boxes are ideal sizes for DVDs, CDs and Nintendo GameCube games/console.
4. Scrubbed and mopped the kitchen floor again (thanks Cammie for bringing in mud. It's amazing, she jumps right over the carpet intentionally put by the back door to prevent that very thing from happening).
5. Done laundry
6. Cleaned out my closet
7. Cleaned my kitchen
8. Slept a helluva lot
9. Watched way too much TV.

All in all, I like this staying at home thing. I wonder if there is a way to work this out for a longer period of time.


The Pear Lady said...

The downtime helps you get a fresh start - and, it sounds like you've had quite a week!
At least, you've gotten close, and you're not un-employable. *sighs*

Jenny said...

I'm almost positive that Mark must have rigged the contest.

That's just how he is. :)