13 March 2007

One Word Answers...

Use ony one word…..Not as easy as you might think.

1. Where is your cell phone? couch

2. Your Vehicle? Car

3. Your hair? Messy

4. Your mother? Louisiana

5. Your father? Louisiana

6. Your favorite thing? Sleepin

7. Your dream last night? Wierd

8. Your favorite drink? Coke

10. The room you’re in? Den

11. Your ex? &**^$^&*&%$&

12. You are? Relaxed

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Mom

14. Who did you hang out with today? Pets

15. What you’re not? Skinny

16. Muffins? Ick

17. One of your wish list items? Housekeeper

18. Where is the ______ ? Housekeeper

19. The last thing you did? Cleaned

20. What are you wearing? Jammies

21. Your favorite TV show? Lots

22. Your pet(s)? Sweet

23. Your computer? Laptop

24. Your life? Good

25. Your mood? Congested

26. Missing? Mark

27. What are you thinking about right now? Cleaning

28. Your Shoes? Everywhere

29. Your work? New

30. Your summer? Anticipated

31. Your favorite color? Blue


Looney Mom said...
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Looney Mom said...

Oops I boo boo'd. It commented twice.

Anyway, I like this list. You did a good job with one word answers. I cracked up at the housekeeper one. I need one of those too since I'm not a very good one myself.

I'll have to swipe this list and do it too. :D

Karmyn said...

Yes - I could use a housekeeper too. it's one of those constants in life - trying to keep up with the mess.

Stephanie said...

Margaret Sally: AWESOME!!

Jenny said...

I'm an idiot. I totally thought the name of your site was Margaret's Alley.

How embarassing.