16 March 2007

One Pissed Off Margaret - EVERYONE SHOULD READ

***Updated Below*****

I stumble upon THIS.

Now, Cammie normally gets dry food, but occasionally gets some wet food for a treat.

So I call my local Kroger's (in the Woodlands - corner of Research Forest and Kuykendahl) and talk to the store manager. They know nothing about it but he takes my name and number and promises to call me back after he checks on it.

I then call Kroger's Corporate 800#. They know nothing about it. She puts me on hold and talks to her supervisor. They get back on the phone (after like 10 minutes on hold) and say - Ma'am, if this is a real recall, we would be notified before the media.

Well, dumbshit, obviously this is a REAL RECALL. What f'ing food is being recalled? Brand name? Is it your brand? Would this company put out messages to the media about 60 f'ing million cans of dog food if it weren't a REAL RECALL????

Rather than say that, I say to her "do you know anything more than what this article is showing - brands, anything?"

Nope. Their advice, don't feed any wet canned or wet packaged food. ANY at all. Regardless of who produces it.

You see - this company makes all sorts of pet food. It could be the Kroger brand. It could be a name brand. Who knows??

So, in frustration, I end my call with them.

A few minutes later, the manager at my local Kroger's calls me back. He says that they won't know more until sometime tomorrow. But in the meantime, I can come in and trade any wet food I have for some other.

That isn't going to happen until someone knows what brand is affected.

I ask him - "Are you going to post a sign warning of possible problems? Remove anythign from the shelves?"

Him: "no ma'am, not until we know more".

OK - see that is perfectly unacceptable to me. Completely wrong. Kroger's needs to do the right thing and err on the side of caution. But nooooooooooo. They won't.

This society had gotten so damn money hungry. A company won't do the right thing because it may cause them to lose some money.

So I emailed Channel 2. I am sure they won't do anything about it - but hey. Worth a shot.

I HATE this.

It's not just people's pets that are being affected. What if a police dog is eating the affected food? Or a seeing eye dog?

Mark says I need to calm down, that this is just the way our world has become.

And to me, that is just sad.
Thanks to Karmyn - she noted a few things in the press release ("not for US press wires", etc), I did more researching

"The company said it manufacturers for 17 of the top 20 North American retailers. It is also a contract manufacturer for the top branded pet food companies, including Procter & Gamble Co.
P&G announced Friday the recall of specific 3 oz., 5.5 oz., 6 oz. and 13.2 oz. canned and 3 oz. and 5.3 oz. foil pouch cat and dog wet food products made by Menu Foods but sold under the Iams and Eukanuba brands. The recalled products bear the code dates of 6339 through 7073 followed by the plant code 4197, P&G said.
Menu Foods' three U.S. and one Canadian factory produce more than 1 billion containers of wet pet food a year. The recall covers pet food made at company plants in Emporia, Kan., and Pennsauken, N.J., Henderson said.
Henderson said the company received an undisclosed number of owner complaints of vomiting and kidney failure in dogs and cats after they had been fed its products. It has tested its products but not found a cause for the sickness."

That being said, I am proud of Proctor and Gamble for recalling their food. Thanks for being good friggin people. I am soooo going to Kroger's tomorrow and checking.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

That is sad! What I want to know is, why does this keep happening? We recently went through a scare with off-brand tylenol. The really bad part of it was it was both the pills and the liquid. (the liquid I have given to both of my children on numerous occasions!)

Of course, I was able to return it to Wal-Mart for a refund. I hope they get it fixed quick!

Thanks for the kind words on my site. I pray my vertigo goes away before it gets that extreme. I simply do not have time to be sick!

Looney Mom said...

We buy wet food for our old poodle who has very few teeth yet. It would be nice to know what's the deal with that. I hope someone steps up soon!

Karmyn said...

My first response was ACK!!!!!

AND then I looked at that recall closer and then went to Menu Foods websites press release -

ONLY AFFECTS CANADA! Whew! - it says at the top: NOT FOR RELEASE OVER US NEWSWIRE SERVICES. So, in a way I'm relieved and am hoping that the Canadian stores are handling the news better than yours did!!!!