16 March 2007

Attention K*mart Shoppers! (Or Kohl's rather)

It is NOT cute when your small child (boy or girl) around age 3-5 crawls under the dressing room partition and peeks in at me when I am trying on clothes. I don't want strangers to see me in my undies - regardless of your age.

Please, control your children. I know, it can't be easy. I don't have kiddos and I know it can't be easy to keep them under control, but please try. Or at least when they crawl under the partition, apologize to the lady that shrieks.

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Heather said...

I totally agree. If one of my boys did something like that, I'd be mortified and apologize like mad and make them apologize, too. It's unreal how people have let manners fall by the wayside. It's not easy to control children, but if you are consistent and teach them from a young age, they'll learn.

PS- I'm flattered that you want to do the Random Memories posts, too. Feel free to use it! :o)