14 February 2007

Stitches or No?


Good thing Mark and I celebrated Valentine's day yesterday...

So Cammie (dog) had her teeth cleaned today. Picked her up and she was WAY loopy. I mean walking into walls, etc. Quite humorous.

So I get home, get her laying down. (She is whimpering in her sleep - supposedly normal)

I go upstairs to get out of my clothes and put on comfy clothes. I went to step over the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs (dog doesn't go upstairs) and whacked the crap out of the heel of my foot on the hand rail of my stairs. Yeah, on the sharp point edge of it.

I noticed that I now had a hole in my tights and was bleeding "a bit" - so I went upstairs, took my hose off carefully and WHAMMO - a large flap of skin was hanging off the heel of my foot and blood was pouring out of it (about the side of a dime). Immediately grabbed a handful of tissues and called Mark. He said call my doc or the 24 hour nurse line at my insurance company.

Blah, blah blah, Nurse line said "Call your doctor and get advice. If it doesn't stop bleeding go to the Urgent Care Center for stitches". Called doctor and she said pretty much same thing except I need to go in tomorrow and have it looked at to see if I need stitches even if the bleeding stops.

So bleeding has stopped and now the throbbing has begun.

Happy F'ing Valentine's Day to me.

p.s. - Cammie is laying sound asleep and whimpering. Vet warned me that she would do this - she isn't pain just loopy from the morphine. I wish I had some.


Doctor's office said no reason to come in since my tetanus (sp??) is updated and it isn't bleeding. Keep it covered and it "should" heel. If it isn't better by Tuesday of next week - come back.

In the meantime, no shoes that hit that part of my foot. Will NEVER heal if I wear them. Yeah. Great. It's a 30 degrees out and I am having to wear shoes that look dumb when it's freezing cold. But oh well.


Mari said...

Hope you feel better! Why are you wearing tights/hose if you just changed into something comfy?!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Feel better. Did you get stitches?

Margaret said...

OK, I worded this very poorly. I was heading upstairs to change clothes when I whacked the crap out of my foot.

And no, didn't get stitches last night. Am about to call the doc this morning to get in today and HOPEFULLY will just have them bandage it correctly.