19 February 2007

Something from Hitchcock - The Birds

OK - so I open up the back door to let cammie out. as I open the door, she sprints out (as normal) and i notice a tiny baby bird on my tiny porch. I reach for the dog and she is out...after the bird.

They baby bird flies/scampers/runs/whatevers off to the back of the yard. Cammie corners it in the back corner of the yard and smacks it with her paw. I yell and scream and watch the bird fighting to get away.

Cammie looks at me and hesitates...the baby bird jumps up and cammie snaps at it. And gets it.

I am screaming....i get her inside and the bird is shaking. I grab the phone, call my folks, (they aren't home) then call Mark. The bird is still shaking. He says for me to get a shovel and throw it away.

OK - I don't have a damn shovel. And besides, I just can't do that. Baby bird isn't bleeding just hurt bad. Then it stops moving.

I creep forward (stopped tallking to Mark...he's telling me it's OK and reassuring my dog is not a mad killer - which by now I am now screaming at him that she is - and that it is just animal instinct). and there are 2 adult birds on the fence squawking. As I get closer (still about 10 feet away) they fly toward me. Actually, they friggin dive bomb toward me. I know Momma Birds can be pissy so I come inside.

Now I have a dead bird and 2 momma/daddy/other birds who are out for blood. Can't let the dog out by herself - the birds head after her.

Someone will need to be removing this thing. Dad, brother, Mark, some random stranger, I don't care. I just can't do it.


Anonymous said...

That would scare the daylights outta me...SO what eventually happened???

min said...

This is exactly why I have a teen-age boy...critter clean-up and pest extermination. I recommend it.