29 January 2007

One more step done...

So both sets of parents have now met. My folks and Mark's folks met with us yesterday at the new house. (Well, the model house. Cause our house isn't a house yet. It's still a big thing of grass and weeds and dirt). They LOVED the house. And really seemed to like each other.


I was worried. Not that any of the 4 of them are bad people. You just want everything to go okay. You know? Mark thought I was nuts for being worried.

Pbbbbttttt to him.

And then we went out to dinner. We each had a margarita and some pretty good Mexican food that's close to the new house.

So let's see - new house information:

Grocery Store close by - Yep
Walgreens close by - Yep
Bank close by - Yes
Super WalMart Close By - Yes
Good Mexican food close by - Yep

Sounds good to me!

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