26 January 2007

Love...Exciting and New...

2004 was such a huge year for me.

I left a company where I had worked for nearly 6 years (ad agency) to go work for one of our clients. I love working at LMNOP. I really do. I believe in what I do, I know when I wake up in the morning what I do makes a difference in the world. This was in August.

In September, my ex-husband started to change. I was working longer hours. My salary was equivalent to his (even made more) and he just couldn't take it. He changed.

Or maybe it was ME that changed. Maybe with the new job I developed the self-confidence I needed to get out of a bad situation. Maybe I learned I didn't need anyone to survive. All I needed was me and my cat and dog.

So in October, I decided to leave him. November I filed for divorce. January 2005, divorce was final.

I started back dating WAY too soon. Wasn't ready. Just needed to be me for a while. Needed to figure out what I liked. What I enjoyed. What was fun for me. And you know what? Doing NOTHING for a few months was fun. I enjoyed that. I LOVED being alone on weekends.

Keep in mind, with my ex, I was alone, even if he was around. he wasn't nice. Didn't talk to me. Wasn't affectionate, etc, etc.

But in my townhouse, with my dog and cat - I LOVED it. I could see my family when I wanted. I had my niece and nephew over. But really - other than family - I didn't let many others over. It was my safety zone. My place to be ME.

Fast forward to April 2006. April 21st to be exact. Mark and my first date. It was great. Lupe Tortillas. I remember specifically thinking "I can't believe he only ordered a SMALL queso". After we demolished that, in record time, he ordered another one. Aaaahhhh...true love. :)

We had a date the next day and the next weekend and the next and the next.

He is amazing. He is sweet, kind, gentle, affectionate. I know that he loves me. And I know that he likes me. Knowing that we are getting a home together - that's the start of US.

Oh - and the fact that he gets along with not only my parents, siblings but also my niece and nephew - HUGE Bonus. I mean, he took all of us to dinner and to ride the merry-go-round. What a man.

So, love is exciting and new. I am so glad we found each other. I am a lucky, lucky gal.


min said...

That does it. I'm headed over to Lupe Tortilla's. Your story sounds very familiar (all but the ending). I'm glad you found the courage to "get out". Things improve each day once that step is taken. You are a strong, brave and beautiful woman, and I'm glad that Mark apprediates that.

Jenny said...

Love is all about ordering more queso.

(I would totally put that on a t-shirt.)

Stephanie said...

LOVE this story. NOT cheesy at all.

(Okay, okay, sorry for that one, but I'm linking to you tomorrow, so I hope that makes up for the bad line!)