23 February 2008


Tonight, Mark, my mom, Mark's mom, Mark's dad, Mark's aunt and I all went out to dinner. (My dad went home early - long story as to why my mom was here w/o my dad).

At dinner, it took precisely 12 minutes (I timed it) for us having children to be brought up in conversation. This was the first time my mom has been around for the ganging up on us to have a kid.

they (being EVERYONE but us) have already decided:

1. We need two kids.
2. Preferably one boy and one girl
3. Twins would be fabulous
4. If we have a girl, that child will be spoiled with jewelry and cute little girl clothes.
5. Clothing will consist of little denim skirts with the ruffles on the thing that goes over the diaper (I've drawn a blank of the name of said item of clothing)
6. If we have a boy, said child will be spoiled with clothing and "boy stuff"
7. Clothing will consist of khaki pants and polo shirt looking one-sies.
8. Although having only one boy would mean the family name will carry on, if we have a girl that is PERFECTLY FINE.
9. As we were leaving the restaurant, they decided that if we have a girl, the baby WILL (and I cannot emphasize the "will" enough) have this:

Yes, they have already picked out a pink paisley carseat.

10. Nine months from RIGHT NOW is perfectly okay for us to have a baby.

11. Anytime that Mark and I would like to go out of town, we do not have to ask them to take care of the child (children) - all we have to do is call and say "Mom...." and then pause. They will be on the road RIGHT then.

Good thing they don't know that we are "trying"...they'd be tracking EVERYTHING, huh?


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little pressure. We grandmas do tend to go a little overboard sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT share anything. This means do NOT share your menstrual cycle with ANY of them.


Badness Jones said...

LOL! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! When Hubs and I got married we were glad that we wouldn't have to listen to the "when are you getting married" and "when I was your age people did NOT live together and buy houses BEFORE the wedding" talk anymore....that is, we were glad for about 12 minutes, until the "when are we getting grandchildren?" talk began!

Mary said...

Oh man...........that's rough.
I agree with Mamalee......don't share anything! In fact, when you do get preggers........don't tell them until you can't hide it any more! ha! j/k

Hang in there!

Gina said...

Oh lordy, you can't let it get to you, or else you'll get all stressed. Very cute seat, though!

shay said...

I wish we had that car seat. Too cute! Of course we had our boys first so that would have been confusing for people lol.

I'm sure they mean well although it would drive me crazy too!
When we only had the boys and I was preggo for the third time people assumed I was trying for a girl. I was sooooo offended! I just wanted to have another baby. I was praying for healthy.

There's no way to order a baby of either sex. Crazy people!

Anonymous said...

If my mom had her way I'd be pregnant already. I just tell her only when she can pay for the second daycare bill.

Keep this your little secret. Something only you and hubby know.