30 August 2008

Will I cause a recall?

Or at least a warning for a baby product?


I have been religously working on my baby registry. Researching pretty much each and every product. Looking at ratings by fellow parents. I have been downright compulsive on this.

I found this product on Babies-R-Us's website.

It looks great, huh? While we don't have a small kitchen and do have plenty of room for a regular high chair, we liked the idea of the portability of this. We could take it to the grandparents houses with no problem.

It even briefly made it on my registry for a few days.

Then I started noticing as I saw it on websites and even in person. Each photo of it has it on a non-padded chair. Hmmmm...I thought.... I wonder....

Our kitchen chairs have padding on the bottoms.

I went back to Fisher-Price's website and looked at it more closely, downloading the PDF of instructions. Reading closely. Is there a warning against padded chairs? Nope....

So I called their 800#. A very nice woman answered. I told her my questions/concerns. She said she had never been asked that before. She said she wanted to call their safety/quality department and ask.

After approximately 10 minutes on hold, she said that they had never been asked that question before and was very glad that I had called in. The space-saver high-chair is not recommended for chairs that have permanent padding on the tushie-area. They feel it would not be able to be secured tight enough for baby's safety.

Holy crap. Really????

My friend at work is convinced that there will be at least a warning put out about this. If there, is, please know you heard it here first.

And Fisher-Price? If you are looking for someone to safety/quality check any of your other products? Gimme a call. I'm always available.


shay said...

good catch! WOW!

TxGambit said...

ha, ha.... Who would have thought? Not me.

Heather said...

Very observant! You're doin' great, Mama! That'll be one safe baby! :o) Not that we ever doubted.

The Laundress said...

Smart and observant. I am envious of your brain right now.

Good job mamma.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Score you! I would guess they have a packaging change really soon.