27 July 2008

My Baby and Someone Else's Baby

Is going to be one well-dressed man (isn't that a song???)

I bought a crap load of stuff already. Thursday I bought stuff to surprise Mark. Saturday - even more.

Really. I ignored everyone's advice about buying clothes for this little guy, and bought scads of clothes. And stuff. Rubber duckies of all varieties for the tub. bath towels. Wash cloths.

OMG, I have never completely forgot about buying anything for me (or anyone else) like I have right now.

hee hee.

Who knew boy clothes could be so damn cute?


Side note:

Dear asshole man in Target:

Your little boy, of approximate age 4, was skipping. He was being a four year old BOY. He tripped and bumped into you.

It was NOT necessary for you to scold him for doing so. It was COMPLETELY NOT NECESSARY for you to grab your child by the EAR and pull him so hard that he was on his tippy-toes. His little face was bright red in pain. You didn't need to tell him that he was a 'bad, bad, bad boy' and that 'this is what happens to bad boys'.

I wanted to say something to you. I should have said something to you.

But I didn't.

So, in the meantime, I hope your little boy is OK.


Heather said...

The best things for little boys are the shoes. I love the little bib overalls and whatnot, but the tiny construction boots and tennis shoes and slippers have got to be the cutest things EVER! I can't say as I blame you for going ape in the baby dept. Its a good idea to buy clothes up to 5T as well. They grow all too fast. There are even outfits that my boys only wore once because they out-grew them so quickly. If you find something so cute you can't stand it, you might consider buying a couple of different sizes. I'm not joking. There are things I wish I'd had two sizes of still! :o)

Anonymous said...

NOTHING wrong with buying! Just leave SOMETHING on your wish list for us to buy for you! LOL



The Laundress said...

This boy is one lucky little man for sure...You are a fantastic Mamma.

Badness Jones said...

I love boy things....but I still buy more for the girlie.

belinda said...

Baby shopping = Fun even at my age.

I'm afraid I would have had to pull that man's ear myself.