13 June 2008

Update Scmudates

1. Dog isn't limping but a tiny bit. If still limping over the weekend, will take her in on monday. Now it's only when she gets up from laying down.

2. Doc appt went good yesterday. Mark couldn't go (damn work) and I took a pal with me. Heard the heartbeat (174 bpm) and b/c the doc wasn't there 2 weeks ago to see the ultrasound, she asked for another one. She has a policy to see the baby each time it's ultrasounded. Anyhow, so Mark missed ANOTHER ultrasound but our baby is cute. Hanging out on his/her back this time! (will scan in the pic later).

3. Oh, and baby is about 5 days bigger than what we thought. Originally, our "period math" put us at 11 weeks, 2 days. As of yesterday's size, we were at 12 weeks!!

Due date officially adjusted to December 25, 2008. A Christmas Baby!!!!

Next week we go back for the Ultra-Screen. We want some peace of mind....

4. Check this out....


This blog here (Just me) will still be a great source of venting for me. My family doesn't know about this place, so it's my place to complain about whatever. And I will still post on here. I don't anticipate doing the "cross-posting" thing - post one thing here and there.

Come visit me at my new other digs!

And thank you for everyone who asked about Cammie! She doesnt know how lucky she is to have such cool people around asking about her.

I do, and can't tell you how much you mean to me.


Margaret & Kidlet


shuttle mom said...

I can't wait to see the new baby picture! My 2nd daughter was due Christmas, but decided to come 2 weeks early cause her dad was out of town. A guilt trip he'll never get over.
Again, CONGRATULATIONS! Two blogs! I'll be a reading both.
Happy to hear doggie is better. Our 4 legged friends are our babies too.
Hugs to you and baby.

Kokopelli said...

Heather and her sister Mandy turned me on to this blogging thing, and I like my family doesn't need to know. Studies are coming out showing blogs are great for mental health. There's probably a better choice of words for that, but they escape me now.

Phoenix said...

A Christmas baby, that's so freaking cool. I've always dreamt about having a Christmas baby.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Sounds like pregnancy is going well, so happy for you.

Jessica said...

Woohooo!! Congratulations (on everything!)