20 June 2008

A bit of a break

All -

Just need some time for me. I am sure I will still post over at the other place. but for now, I need some time.



The Laundress said...

I'm always here...

if you need to chat.

Feel good.

Tami W. said...

Hope you're feeling ok. I know that it's very rough to be pregnant in the heat of the summer.

Take it easy and I look forward to hearing from you again.


TxGambit said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs. I know where to find you and you know where to find me.

shuttle mom said...

Carrying 2 around takes a lot both physical and mental.
Do what you got to do. We'll be here waiting patiently.

shuttle mom said...

I've seen you around at the other places, BUT, how are you and baby doing?

Jessica said...

Just thinking of you...hope all is well!

nikki said...

I hope things are going well. I will also add you to my list to pray about!