28 March 2008


Dad seemed to come through the surgery just fine. Doctor said he did great...

I went ahead and left the hospital and then got a call from my mom. Said he looked horrible. I reminded her that anyone coming out of anesthesia looks horrible. She said she thought he looked worse than any of the other times.

Then the nurse asked her "does he have oxygen at home in case he needs it". Mom freaked. Bad.

She went to go get his scrips filled and I told her to go and ask the nurse why she asked that question. As soon as she gets back to the hospital, she will.

I called my brother, the doc and he said that they won't release him if there is any doubt about him being stable or if he isn't getting proper oxygen.


I so should not have left the hospital. If I went back now, with Houston traffic, it would take me 2+ hours to get there.

Spare prayers? Keep sayin' em please.

Love you daddy!


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Prayers, thoughts, cocktails.

All here if you need them, my friend.

TxGambit said...

Thoughts, prayers, hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers. Don't worry about the oxygen -my mom was released recently with oxygen. It is a precautionary thing, I'm sure.

Chat soon. XOXO


The Laundress~JJ! said...

Love to your Daddy and Mommy!!!

And love to you too...You are all in my heart this weekend.

Mary said...

Glad the doc said surgery went well. Hoping he is resting comfortably.
Sending healing prayers his way :)
Keep us updated!

shuttle mom said...

How is your Dad today (Saturday)?
Mom needed oxygen after her surgery several years back. After the anesthesia completely cleared her system, everything was back to normal.
Hugs and prayers!

Phoenix said...

I'll be thinking good thoughts his way.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Just checking in, chica.